Report to the Community-November, 2022
Board of Directors, Lake in the Clouds




Dear LITC Members,
This month’s Board Meeting was held on November 11, attended by Charlie Schaffer, Pres., Joan Griffin, Treasurer, Carol Shumway, Parliamentarian, Bill Scott, Buildings and Grounds and Joyce Torrey,  Secretary.    Briefly,  we also had a guest from the community, but I will tell you about that in a minute.

First a confession:  I usually look forward to writing this BReport every month;  it’s so much easier than the regular minutes and A LOT more fun than some of the letters I have to write.     But this month I’ve been kind of dreading it.   I try to make this document as upbeat as I can without glossing over the problems and issues we face as a community, but this month I just couldn’t think of anything “happy” to write about.

But then our surprise guest showed up at the Board Meeting.    And he wasn’t there to complain about anything!    He just wanted to say “Thanks” to the Board for putting in all the time and effort to keep our community special.    So, thank YOU, Mr. David Heitz, you lifted my spirits and have saved us all from a very gloomy Board Report!


Now back to business:   


Joan Griffin our Treasurer reported that our dues collection rate is at 94% for 2022.  But for those members who are delinquent, Joan warned that she is about to begin filing for judgments.  So please make your payments immediately if you do not want a lien placed on your property!




Our intrepid Buildings and Grounds volunteers have been very busy this fall trimming branches, filling gopher holes in the dams, getting our cinder barrels stocked, and putting some boards down at the beach to try to slow down the sand erosion we experienced last year.  I’ve typed these guy’s names so often now that my computer tries to autocomplete them.    When you see them out there working, please say thanks!


Early last summer I reported that a community member had reported us to PennDot, claiming our roads-- where they meet RT 447-- are somehow not up to code.        

Last week Charlie received a set of engineering drawings from Kiley Associates that described the issues and proposed solutions to bring us into compliance.      I peered at a page for a few minutes trying to read what it said before I realized I was holding it upside down!      Charlie was told he had to sign it to signify our approval, but since none of us could really understand what the plans said, he asked Mr. Hudak to come in person to and meet with an emergency session of the Board.      That meeting has been arranged and NEXT month you’ll hear what happened.


Finally, I want to mention that Carol Shumway who was instrumental in revising our By-Laws last year, has now been asked to tackle the job of examining our ancillary governing documents as well.  Carol will recruit an ad hoc committee and begin work on this new project in January.       


We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Joyce Torrey

Secretary Board of Directors

Report to the Community– September, 2022
Board of Directors, Lake in the Clouds

Dear LITC Members,
This month’s Board meeting was held on September 9 th . All Board members attended except for Carol Shumway who was dealing with some health issues. We all wish her a speedy recovery!

Panther Trucking has completed much of the repair work on some of our roads, with new tar and chips, and some new drainage ditches carved out at the sides of the roads which should help to keep erosion to a minimum this winter.

We’ve purchased a new roll of snow fence to replace one that was falling apart, and this fencing will be installed near the East side dam by the end of October. Our regular team of volunteer “Roadies” were out a few weeks ago filling pot holes. Thanks to their efforts we are in good shape for the winter. They also trimmed back some overhanging branches on the East side.

We had a great picnic! Everyone had a wonderful time and we couldn’t have asked for better music, OR better weather. My post-picnic analysis however, uncovered the fact that our “cost per attendee” exceeded the $5.00 per guest we charge. We love to have your extended family and friends come to the picnic but our budget was designed to provide the picnic free of charge for our LITC residents. So, to offset a bit more of the extra cost, we will be raising our per guest fee next year to $10 for 12 and over. So
mark your calendars! August 12, 2023. Picnic Day.

On August 31 st , the General Meeting Packet was mailed to all members in good standing. The packet contained the minutes from our last General Meeting in May, the proposed budget for 2023, information on the four Board members who are running for re-election this year, and our new proxy ballot.
I received a number of phone calls with questions about the ballot and so want to reiterate that there are 4 open positions on the Board this year, and four Board members running for re-election. If you are mailing your ballot it must be received in the office by Wednesday September 28. You can also drop it off at the office or into my hands but in any case Wednesday September 28 is the deadline. And of course, if you
are coming to the General Meeting on October 1 st you can vote there, I’ll have ballots there for your use.

We hosted two sessions of “Meet the Candidates” (Saturday September 3, from 10-11AM and Tuesday, September 6, from 6-7PM) and both sessions were attended by a number of interested (and interesting!) LITC members. We will continue this practice each year, although the format will change as we learn what works and what doesn’t.

REMEMBER The General Meeting and Board of Directors Election will be held October 1 st , 1PM at the pavilion. And if the weather is good that day we will have our final bonfire of the year at the beach starting at 6PM. Bring a chair and whatever you are drinking.

A couple of important items to remember:
1. Lake in the Clouds Rules and Regulations DO NOT ALLOW HOMEOWNERS TO OFFER THEIR HOMES FOR SHORT TERM/WEEKEND RENTALS SUCH AS AIRBNB AND VERBO! In fact, the MINIMUM rental period is three months, and must be registered with the Office Administrator. This has been the LITC policy for many
years, put into place to help ensure that our families and properties are safe and protected from total strangers who have little regard for our community. Unfortunately, there are now a few property owners who are ignoring this important rule. We are sending warning letters and imposing fines where
necessary, and have now contacted our attorney. We will be taking whatever action is necessary to stop this blatant disregard for our community’s rules.

2. We LOVE our wildlife, we really, really do (except for maybe those deer munching away in my garden). But if you have ever had to clean up the road and your lawn after bears got into your garbage cans you know what a nasty job it is and why you shouldn’t leave those cans out by the street overnight. Unfortunately, some folks who are only here on the weekends, put the cans out when they leave….and leave their neighbors the job of cleaning up the garbage when the bears get into it.  The Board has gotten a number of complaints about this, but there is really very little we can do except to AGAIN ask folks not to put the cans out the night before. Here’s a suggestion: before I moved up here full-time I would double
bag my garbage and take it home to NY with me. And now many of us set our alarms and put the cans out by 6 am on collection day. Note to the guilty parties: if you should arrive some weekend to find last week’s garbage all over your own front porch, be warned that a complaint to the Board will NOT result in
a satisfactory outcome for you……
That’s it for this month. Hope to see you all October 1st at the pavilion!
Joyce Torrey
Secretary, LITC BOD

Report to the Community– October, 2022
Board of Directors, Lake in the Clouds

Dear LITC Members,
This month’s Board meeting was held on October 14th, attended by Charlie Schaffer, Pres., Joan Griffin, Treasurer, Joyce Torrey Secretary, Al Sicignano, Bill Scott, and Carol Shumway via Zoom.

Joan brought us up to date on matters of budget and finance concluding with the assurance that we are in good shape heading into the winter, and barring any unforeseen catastrophe we will be able to meet all our bills.   We were audited early in October with no major findings.

Charlie announced to the Board that Bill Scott has agreed to head up the Building and Grounds Committee.    All volunteers, these are the folks who pitch in and help Ed (our grounds manager) tend to a major portion of the maintenance that is needed at our recreation facilities and roads.  Just as an example, in the week or two after the General Meeting they pulled the swim float out of the lake and secured it on the beach, moved all the picnic tables to their winter home under the pavilion roof, tended to the branch pile, cut up a fallen tree on Westwood Terrace, repositioned a speed limit sign, and cut back branches that hung over our roads.   These guys save us a ton of money, and they deserve our thanks:   Jon Pancoast, Byron Major, Rich Everett, Jerry Diadone, Dave Heitz, Rich Olsommer, Alan Shumway, Al Sicignano, Bill Scott and Charlie Schaffer.   


I know many of you read the sign board at the West-side entrance because I often get comments (good and not-so-good) from our members, when I attempt to be clever.     So this week you may have noticed that the sign went from a punny Halloween message, to a very stern warning aimed at people who have come here through an AirBnB rental.    We understand that the violation is not the fault of the renters; nevertheless, they need to be aware that their presence here is prohibited, and they are barred from using our recreation facilities and common areas.        

This troubling violation of our Rules and Regulations seems to be increasing….and we consider it to be one of the more serious problems we are facing this year.   Our governing documents, including the Rules and Regulations, are always part of the packet that new buyers are given, and they must sign that they have read and received them.     Sadly, a small number of new owners have chosen to ignore them.  We will go after these violators through the courts if need be.    BTW, Greene Township is also developing some very stiff rules and restrictions on these short-term rentals which will hopefully aid us as well.

As I have stated before, this policy was put in place many years ago to prevent as best we can, the disruptions caused by people who have no interest in our community and our peaceful way of life.   The policy is designed to keep our facilities from being used and abused by people who do not pay dues here, and don’t expect to ever be back, or care if things are broken or destroyed.

I usually try to end this report on a positive note.  For this month it has to be the absolutely gorgeous fall--both colors and weather--we are enjoying this year here at beautiful Lake in the Clouds/Wood/Timber.    Members have been posting some stunning photos on Facebook, and I think that this is the weather and the scenery that keeps us all here in the Northeast.        Have a good Fall!

Joyce Torrey

Secretary, LITC BOD

Report to the Community–  July, 2022
Board of Directors, Lake in the Clouds

Dear LITC Members,
This month’s Board meeting was held on July 8th attended by Charlie Schaffer, Pres., Pat Pancoast, VP, Joan Griffin, Treasurer, Joyce Torrey, Secretary, Carol Shumway and Bill Scott.   Al Sicignano could not attend.

The meeting started with a community member who reported to the Board on his efforts to pin down officials at PennDot as to the supposed violations where our roads connect to State Rt 447.   His numerous phone calls and registered letters produced conflicting statements, vague promises of more information, but nothing concrete or actionable.      We do appreciate his efforts.

So why is this taking so long?    The engineering firm we have hired is waiting for PennDot to tell them what is required here.  (Can you say bureaucracy?)   Then the engineering firm needs to figure out what steps will be needed to fill those requirements.  Then we would hire someone to do the actual work involved.    We have come to understand that resolution of this issue may be several years away.   

On another subject,  I want to alert you to the fact that our LITC website now features information about the upcoming fall elections, both for voters and for potential candidates.  The links can be found under the “About Us” section.  Our new By-Laws have changed things a bit so it’s important for you to be aware of timelines and deadlines.

We are finally having some really beautiful weather, and it’s good to see so many folks enjoying the recreational facilities.  Once again our great group of volunteers got the raft out in Lake in the Clouds and 4th of July weekend the beach was packed.   Unfortunately, our lifeguard has needed to miss a lot of days due to previous commitments, and we have been unable to find a substitute.  This is a problem that--as anyone who follows the news would know--is facing pool and beach facilities all over PA.     Due to the size of our community we are not actually required to provide a lifeguard, and signs are posted that say “No Lifeguard, No Swimming”.      We advise everyone to follow the rules and be cautious.

I am sorry to have to report that it is not feasible at this time to add another Pickle Ball court to our recreation area.  The only space available is within the tennis court, and the company Charlie met with advised that it would result in a confusing array of lines that would impact both games negatively.  


Let me end on a high note:  The Community Picnic!    Saturday August 13th, 12 to 4 (grill closes at 3).   We will have live music again.     The official invitations will go out very soon and PLEASE RSVP so we can be sure we have enough food on hand.  And a special thanks to the folks who have reached out to me to volunteer for picnic duty this year!


Until next time, have a GREAT summer!

Joyce Torrey
Secretary, LITC BOD

Report to the Community– August, 2022
Board of Directors, Lake in the Clouds

Dear LITC Members,
This month’s Board meeting was held on August 12th attended by all Board members.

The meeting started with a cautionary note from our Treasurer, Joan Griffin. She explained that as members buy multiple lots(units) in Lake in the Clouds and combine
them into one, the number of dues paying units is reduced accordingly. Obviously, this has negatively impacted our revenue, and with no increase in revenue and/or reduction
in expenses we would face a shortfall in 2023. This situation will likely necessitate a dues increase for 2023; but in the coming months the Board will also be exploring other
ways to ease the budget crunch, and I’ll keep you posted.

Panther Trucking has begun much needed repair work on some of our roads, and this work will continue into the fall, so drive with caution when you see the trucks. BTW,
these repairs have nothing to do with that pesky PennDot business which is still at a standstill (caused by PennDot itself!)

At the end of August we will begin the 2023 Election cycle, in preparation for the General Meeting and Board of Directors Election to be held October 1st, 1PM at the
pavilion. Four Board seats are up for re-election this year, and on September 1st the General Meeting information packet will be mailed out. also contain our brand new Directed Proxy Ballot, along with a cover sheet for the ballot that explains the new format and gives instructions for filling it out. Once you’ve had a chance to look everything over, if you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at 570-676-9885. Leave a message and I promise I’ll return your call, that day or the next.

My last note on the election: we will hold two sessions of “Meet the Candidates” (Saturday September 3, from 10-11AM and Tuesday, September 6, from 6-7PM) but
PLEASE call the office (570-676-0900) and let Diane know if you’re coming and when. Honestly I have to know how much cake to buy!

For a short time in late July we had to close the Lake in the Clouds beach due to a higher than normal E. Coli count. We retested several days later and the count was back to
acceptable levels so the beach re-opened. It is likely that the almost total lack of rain contributed to the problem. We also had several spans of time this summer without a
lifeguard-- for various reasons beyond our control-- and given the extreme difficulty of finding qualified people in this area, the Board discussed foregoing a lifeguard for
summer 2023, and simply changing the signage to warn folks that they swim at their own risk. A decision on this will be made next spring.

Even though the Community Picnic was actually on the 13th , the day AFTER the Board meeting, I just can’t close this month’s Board Report without telling you about it. It
was an absolutely gorgeous day; we had nearly 150 people attend; the music was great; the food was delicious; and once again the hardworking volunteers made the picnic a
total success. Special thanks go to Marie Benincasa who, as always, kept her head while I was losing mine!

Don’t forget: call me about the ballot if you need to.

Joyce Torrey
Secretary, LITC BOD

Report to the Community–  May, 2022
Board of Directors, Lake in the Clouds

Dear LITC Members,
This month’s Board meeting was held on Friday May 13, at 6PM, followed the next day by our Spring General Meeting.    All Board members were present at the General Meeting, along with 48 other voting Members in Good Standing---giving us the Quorum we needed to make the vote on the new By-Laws official.    I am very happy to report that the new By-Laws document was approved by the voting membership with a final vote count of 245 to 6.

The Board would like to extend its thanks to the non-Board members of the Election Committee--  Jon Pancoast. Jeff and Beverly O’Lear—who stepped up to make sure we got accurate sign-in sheets (for the quorum count).     Bev O’Lear also assisted Joan Griffin, Board Treasurer, and Diane Schaffer, Office Administrator in validating the ballots and counting the vote. 

WHEW!    Now that that part is done, the Board has a lot more work to do to make sure the requirements outlined in the new By-Laws are met.  

Among other things, we need to:

            -update the website to include a calendar of deadlines for both potential candidates and for those voting for October’s Board elections.

-create a Meet the Candidate document for POA members wishing to run.

            -create an official LITC Direct Proxy ballot to be used for all voting members

            -review Schedules A and B and our Rules and Regulations documents for any needed updates and/or amendments


And lastly on this subject, we would like to once again thank The By-Laws Committee Barbara Tracy, Carol Shumway, and Charlie Schaffer for the more than 6 months of hard work they put into creating our new By-Laws.


Our Greenspace Committee is currently working with East Stroudsburg University’s Tick Lab on research that they hope will help to mitigate Lyme Disease.     The research involves placing small boxes containing food that has been treated to kill the Lyme Disease bacterium, in wooded areas of our community.    The theory is that the mice and chipmunks that form a major part of the Lyme cycle will eat the food, and thus be unable to pass the bacteria on to the ticks that bite them……and sometimes bite us!    

Our area is in the epicenter of Lyme in the US and the research hopes to reduce the incidence of this debilitating disease.   Jim Griffin, Chairperson of the Greenspace Committee, wants you to know that if you happen to see strangers in protective gear walking around the woods it is NOT because ET has returned…they are just checking the food boxes (and testing the mice and chipmunks for Lyme)!      If you have any questions about the research Jim would be happy to answer them.

Notes and Reminders:

-This past winter resulted in some serious pothole damage to our roads, and Charlie Schaffer wants to make sure we all acknowledge and thank the LITC “Hole in the Road Gang”—Byron Majors, Rich Everett, Alan Shumway, Jon Pancoast, Al Sicignano and Gerry Daidone.      BTW, these are the same people who always seem willing to volunteer when our community needs extra help to clean up after storms, etc.    If you are interested in joining this special group, please give Charlie a call.

-We’d like to remind all members that LITC does not allow short term rentals of your property such as those advertised on VRBO or Air BnB.   This rule is in place to keep our community and its recreational facilities safe and in the best possible shape for our dues paying members and their personal guests.  The minimum rental period is 3 months.   We have had to warn and/or fine several members this spring.

-Along the same lines, please keep your dogs off the beach. We know YOU always clean up after your pup, but some other people don’t!     Also, remember that non-members may not fish in our lakes without the owner present.    And please put your lot number on your boat.

Family picnic is August 13th, there will NOT be rain, and once again we will follow the Covid safety protocol put in place last year.  If you’re looking for a fun (and short-term) volunteer opportunity this is it!   Call me.


Respectfully Submitted

Joyce Torrey
Secretary, LITC BOD.

Report to the Community–  June, 2022
Board of Directors, Lake in the Clouds

Dear LITC Members,
This month’s Board meeting was held on June 10th attended by Charlie Schaffer, Pres., Pat Pancoast, VP, Joyce Torrey, Secretary, Al Sicignano, and Bill Scott.   Both Joan Griffin and Carol Shumway were away.

It has been a fairly uneventful month since my last report.   We sprayed some weeds (vinegar solution!), trimmed some shrubs, weed-whacked the Lake in the Woods dam, and by the time you read this we will have treated the lakes for excess algae… none of which is very exciting.    So I would like to use this space this month to bring you up to date on a few plans and issues we are facing this summer.

--Last month our Board Vice-President, Pat Pancoast attended a special seminar held by State Representative Rosemary Brown, designed to help communities like ours prepare and respond to emergencies.   Among the recommendations made by the panel was the creation of a database of our neighbors who might need special assistance in a weather or any other type of emergency.    Are you or a family member wheelchair bound?   Does anyone in your household require oxygen or any other essential equipment powered by electricity?  Are you unable to drive at night?    Conversely, are you trained in CPR or First Aid, or have any other special skills that would be valuable to our neighbors in an emergency?   If you need special help or are willing to offer it, please drop Pat ( me (  a note.       When we have completed an emergency plan we will let you know, and you can request a copy.

--With the passage of our new By-Laws comes a whole new timeline and process for those wishing to run for the Board, as well as for voting this fall.  The timeline is dictated by the By-Laws, but of course since the date of the October General Meeting changes every year, so will the deadline dates change each year.    Carol Shumway and I are preparing an official form for potential candidates to fill out, and an outline of the voting deadlines and procedures for this fall.    Both of these documents will be up on the website early in July, and available by e-mail if you request from me or Diane in the office.     This year the first deadline for candidates is August 22.  That is the date by which you must notify me-- either directly or through the office—of your intention to run.  We will get you the form, and you must return it to me or the office by August 27.

OH, and by the way, we will host “Meet the Candidates” events in late August and early September, dates TBA.

--As I reported back in February, a Lake in the Clouds resident filed a complaint with PennDot that the three LITC roads that connected us to State Rt 447 were not in compliance with the state’s regulations. After a preliminary survey by an engineering firm, we know we are facing a very large expense to bring them into compliance, and the Board is currently considering ways to fund this work as painlessly as possible for all of us.   Unfortunately, while we were still awaiting a final proposal from the engineering firm for the work that needs to be done, another LITC member filed another complaint and as a result we had to close the entrance to Logger Road.    

As soon as we have concrete information for you as to what is happening and what it will cost to fix, I promise we will include it in this report.  Until then you can call Mr. Kevin Miluszusky, Ass’t Permit Manager at PennDot to ask for more information.   That number is 570-963-3311.


A Special Note for the growing number of Pickle Ball enthusiasts among us.   Charlie is meeting soon with Pocono Spray Patch to see how the basketball court could be altered to make room for a second pickle ball court.   

Mark your calendars:  Picnic is August 13.   I could really use a few more volunteers willing to put in ONE HOUR for this special event.


Until next month,


Respectfully Submitted

Joyce Torrey
Secretary, LITC BOD.

Report to the Community– March 2022
Board of Directors, Lake in the Clouds


Dear LITC Members,
This month’s Board meeting was held on Friday March 11, at 6PM, and it was a particularly important one.

At the meeting, the full Board was given an opportunity to review a draft of the proposed new By-Laws document, composed after months of work by the By-Laws committee.    Committee Chairperson Carol Shumway took us through the new document line by line, seeking our questions, comments and suggestions.

I think I can speak for the whole Board when I say we were very impressed.  While the old 2004 By-Laws document was a confusing maze of awkward language, conflicting information and outdated procedures, the new document is a model of clarity and consistency.    It organizes our procedures for meetings, notices, elections and ballot submissions in clear and simplified language.   And while there are some changes from the old By-Laws (mostly to comply with PA State Regulations) here are some of the things this document does NOT change:

-There are no changes to the basic governing structure or powers of the Board of Directors

-There are no changes to our existing Rules and Regulations, or Schedule A.

-There are no changes to the number of votes each member is entitled to, based on the number of individual lots they own.

The Committee is now working to incorporate the suggestions made by the Board, and will then secure final approval from our attorney.   It is our hope that, barring anything unforeseen, you will be receiving your copy in mid-April, and voting on the new By-Laws at the May General Meeting.   

A few short notes:


--The Greenspace Committee has announced that Edge of the Woods Nursery will be offering a lecture on Natural Landscaping at 10:30 AM on April 16, in the pavilion.     If you are interested in plants that are well suited to our climate, discourage local pests and provide natural habitats for our birds and animals, we hope you will attend.

-After Board members made numerous phone calls to local politicians, and neighboring organizations like Skytop and Spruce Lake, we have brought our cellphone tower investigation to a close.     There are no current plans to expand cell-phone/tower access to this area, and both Skytop and Spruce Lake ask their guests to use wi-fi calling.    Many of us here at LITC do the same thing.  

--Last week during the wind/snow storm a large tree came down on Northwoods Circle and knocked out power to Logger Road and portions of Crest Hill.  Since it would be several days till PPL could get that situation fixed, Charlie opened the club house so that those affected could get water, charge cell phones, etc.    This is normal procedure and all LITC residents should be aware that in the event of power loss the club house has its own automatic generator and is unlocked during daylight hours for your use.


The geese and the robins are back.  Can the hummingbirds be far behind?

Respectfully Submitted

Joyce Torrey
Secretary, LITC BOD.

Report to the Community– April 2022
Board of Directors, Lake in the Clouds

Dear LITC Members,
This month’s Board meeting was held on Friday April 8, at 6PM, and it was attended by all elected Board members and a guest Barbara Tracy who since last fall has served on the By-Laws Committee.

At the meeting, the Board approved the 2022 By-Laws document, and moved to immediately mail the document and an official ballot to all Members in Good Standing.  As you are reading this they are being mailed, so watch for the package this week.     We have scheduled the formal vote for the May 14 General Meeting.  

Remember:  in order to approve the NEW By-Laws document we need to carefully follow the voting procedures outlined in the OLD By-Laws document.  This means we need as many voting members as possible to attend the May General Meeting.   May 14, 1PM at the pavilion.    We will also be holding a celebratory, Dessert Bonfire that evening at 6PM, so please come and bring a dessert to share.

Here is an editorial comment:    The amount of work that went into creating these new and improved By-Laws just boggles my mind.   We all owe a big “thank you” to Barbara Tracy (who volunteered to help us even though she KNEW what she was getting into); Charlie Schaffer (who attended weekly meetings where every word of the By-Laws was examined); and especially to Carol Shumway.  Carol was persuaded to Chair this committee because we knew she would sweat every single detail…and BOY she sure did.  I’m betting she would be very happy to NEVER hear the word By-Laws again, and at the bonfire we will give her the honor of burning the old ones, page by page.


As always, a few short notes:

--Don’t forget, that the Edge of the Woods Nursery will be offering a lecture on Natural Landscaping at 10:30 AM on April 16, in the pavilion. If you are interested in plants that are well suited to our climate, discourage local pests and provide natural habitats for our birds and animals, we hope you will attend.

-We have had some seriously windy weather this season and several times large trees and/or branches have come down on our roads.  Each time this happens, some of your neighbors have come out to help Charlie clear away the blockage and get the wood down to the chipping pile.  We’d like to thank Rich Olsommer, Rich Everett, Byron Majors, and Al Sicignano.  Their willingness to volunteer for this kind of thing helps to save us money!


Ramadan Mubarak.  Joyous Pesach.  Happy Easter.

Respectfully Submitted

Joyce Torrey
Secretary, LITC BOD.

Report to the Community– January 2022
Board of Directors, Lake in the Clouds


Dear LITC Members,

This month’s Board meeting, held on Friday January 14, at 6PM, was attended by all elected and appointed Board members (one came via Zoom!).  We had one guest, Barbara Tracy, a 38-year resident of Lake in the Clouds East, who has agreed to serve, along with Charlie Schaffer and Carol Shumway,  on the Bylaws Committee.  

Barbara brings a lot of excellent experience to the Committee.   She was the Facilities Manager of Colombia University in NY and has managed residential co-op buildings, as well as serving on the Board of Directors of co-ops and non-profits.  

As the Committee explained, Pennsylvania has specific legislation regarding planned communities such as Lake in the Clouds.  Over the course of this year, the Committee will meet every two weeks to examine each section of our Bylaws document, with a goal of ensuring that the ByLaws are in compliance with state legislation and also meet our community’s needs.      Some changes will be required by law; others will be proposed by the Committee in order to eliminate confusing (and sometimes conflicting) rules relating to our elections, job descriptions etc.     As LITC members you will be provided information on these proposed changes in advance of being asked to vote on them.   

The Board thanked Barbara for volunteering for this important work.



Next, in our ongoing effort to keep our lakes as healthy as possible, we have once again hired Aquatic Environmental to treat Lake in the Clouds and Timber Lake for Bladderwort, and Lake in the Woods for pond weed this summer.  They will also conduct a fish survey in late summer or early fall.   We have also hired Pro-Tree Services to chip the branch pile collecting in the West side gravel parking lot.     In case you didn’t know it, the resulting wood mulch is free for the taking to any Lake in the Clouds member.


The Greenspace Committee announced that there are still a few spots open for the Eagle Watch trip on February 1 (weather date Feb 2) conducted by the Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center.   Deadline for registration is January 25.  Contact Jan Olsommer  (  if you are interested in attending.  


Ed, our property manager, has finished storing the recreational supplies for the winter, and our buildings and grounds are in good shape with the exception of the barrier fence on the southern side of the Lake in the Clouds dam.   That fence was damaged by one of our recent storms and will need to be replaced.   And as I reported last month, some work will have to be done on those sections of LITC roads that connect with SR 447, to comply with PennDot requirements.   We are awaiting a proposal from an engineering firm on how to accomplish this work and at what cost.

As I also mentioned last month, the Board is currently looking into obtaining an automated defibrillator for our community.  We have identified several sources for the device itself but we are still grappling with the logistics…. how and where would we secure it, in order to keep it safe, AND make it accessible when someone needs it in an emergency.

 A couple of notes:    

--The Board approved the re-hiring of Rayvin Gierwatowski as our lifeguard for the summer of 2022.  She did a great job last year and we look forward to seeing her again this summer.

--There appears to be some movement in our state legislature to secure more reliable Broadband access for rural areas of the state although it is way too soon to celebrate…as we don’t yet know what that means for our area.  There does NOT seem to be any government action on cell phone access however.  We will continue to investigate..

Stay warm, and drive safe.

Respectfully Submitted

Joyce Torrey
Secretary, LITC BOD.

Report to the Community– February 2022
Board of Directors, Lake in the Clouds

Dear LITC Members,
The Board meeting was held on Friday February 11, at 6PM, was attended by all elected and appointed Board members.

The By-Laws Committee is making great progress in the work of reviewing and updating our governing document.   When their review is finished they will be submitting their re-worked document to the LITC attorney for his review and sign-off, then to the full Board for our review, a process that can take several months; and then finally out to the membership.  The committee has invested many hours in this project already and we will owe them a great debt of gratitude when it is all done.

This hasn’t been the worst winter we’ve experienced when measured in snowfall inches, but ice has been a big problem.  A few warmer days followed by a plunge to single digit temps means ice, and we have had to cinder our roads a number of times.  Panther Trucking is doing a decent job keeping on top of it.

The Greenspace Committee (current members are Jim Griffin, Chairperson, Jan Olsommer, Ryan Daniels and Carol Shumway) is working on setting up a lecture on Natural Landscaping for this coming April.   Natural landscaping, also called native gardening, is the use of native plants, including trees, shrubs, groundcover, and grasses which are indigenous to the geographic area of the garden.       This practice results in less watering, fertilizer and pesticides; your plants are better suited to local weather conditions, and they provide natural habitats for local birds and animals.  We will send out an announcement as soon as we have a date.

Our cell tower investigation has hit a snag, in that no service company is willing to invest the several hundred thousand dollars required to build a cell tower in order to serve a community as small as ours, especially when so many of us simply use internet calling.   We will contact other local communities to see how they are handling this issue.

A couple of notes:    

--We have received a proposal from an engineering firm to conduct a survey of our roads where they connect to Route 447, and to make recommendations on what needs to be done to comply with PennDot requirements.  There is no way around it, this is going to be an extremely expensive process, which may require a dues increase or special assessment to pay for it.  

--Finally, I’d like to announce that there WILL be a picnic this August and I would welcome new volunteers.  Just drop me an e-mail and I’ll notify you when our planning sessions are held.


Stay warm, and Think Spring!

Respectfully Submitted

Joyce Torrey
Secretary, LITC BOD.