In order to be in compliance with state guidelines until LITC (both Monroe and Pike Counties) is in a green zone the Board of Directors decided at their May 8th meeting that:

  1. General Meeting cancelled.

  2. ALL social activities (picnic included) are cancelled.

  3. ALL Green Space lectures are cancelled.

  4. Pavilion and clubhouse rentals are discontinued.

  5. Use of community sporting equipment and beach toys is discontinued



April 18: Passover Seder  

April 25: Cabin Fever Potluck Dinner 

May 23: Raft Up

                                                          May 9 LITC General Meeting 




August 8 LITC  Picnic. 1-5:00pm

LITC furnishes hamburgers, hotdogs, corn, beverages and desserts. Grill closes at 4pm. Fill your day with fun shared with friends. Free to LITC members, $5 for guests 12 y/o and over. DESSERTS WILL BE PROVIDED.     PLEASE BRING A SIDE DISH.


The three positions were filled by the incumbents:  Paul Winters, Pat Hall and Adam Stahl. The budget passed meaning there is NO dues increase for 2020. After the general meeting the BOD meet and elected the officers. They will remain the same.

RULE CHANGE: Friday, October 11, 2019 the LITC Board of Directors adopted a change in the rules and regulations. It will be found under BEACH & BOATS.  It was:  1. No boats propelled by gasoline engines are allowed on the lake.


1. No boats or personal water craft propelled by gasoline engines or forced pressure by the use of a powering water jet pump are allowed on any lakes within Lake in the Clouds East or Lake in the Clouds West.


Some of the most exciting "events" experienced at Lake in the Clouds are provided by Mother Nature.   We are quite fortunate to see a variety of animals that roam our community.

Governor Tom Wolf and Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine today announced all 67 Pennsylvania counties will be under stay-at-home orders effective tonight, Wednesday, April 1, at 8 p.m.

This means the office of Lake in the Clouds will be closed. I have all calls to the office forwarded to my home, as well as the mail delivery. I will continue to serve our association as conscientiously and productively as possible while working from my home.

I hope all our residents continue to practice the guidelines presented by our government and health officials. Lake in the Clouds is a great place to be as we live with social distancing. Please stay healthy everyone!

Diane Schaffer, Administrator for Lake in the Clouds





At the May 8th Board of Directors meeting it was decided to cancel all Green Space lectures for the summer.

May 16 10:00 Milkweed Caterpillars (ESU)

We will reschedule when it is clear that the virus threat and the shelter in place restrictions are abating and it is safe to congregate again.

June 27 10:00 Bog Walk

at Kettle Creek  $5 per person

July 11 10:00 Hike 

Sept. 12 10:00 GreenMan Exterminator

Now that spring is here, and many are planting and tending their gardens, the Greenspace Committee of Lake in the Clouds would like to remind people about the National Wildlife Federation recommendations of plants that help sustain and support wildlife in our area, especially birds and butterflies.   Please feel free to use the link below for more information, and consider being a certified habitat! 




To be in compliance with a mandate by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Lake in the Clouds had do a robotic survey this fall of our sluice gate.  The video showed that additional information was needed.  To get this, it was suggested the lake could be lowered.  The BOD opted to hire Underwater Consultants to bring in divers to do the research.

The team came on Sunday, January 26. There were five divers, one that actually went into the water while the others monitored the equipment. The diver checked the perimeter of the tower as well as the interior. They were here for about six hours.

We will be getting a report with their recommendations and a video that will be sent to DEP.

      Learn to play this fun sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. Two or four players use solid paddles to hit a perforated polymer ball (think Wiffle Ball), on a badminton-sized court. The game and rules are easy for beginners to master
(https://www.usapa.org/what-is-pickleball/). As you become a more experienced player, the game will be more fast-paced and competitive.     


If you would like to read  the results from Aquatic Environment Consultants, please feel free to  stop in the office to read any of the reports on our three lakes.

Garden Group

Garden Group meets third Thursday at members' homes/gardens.   If you're interested, call the office for information as to  where the current  meeting is being held.

                        Everyone is welcome:

                            experienced or beginner!

LITC Book Club

The LITC book club meets on the second Monday of each month in the club house at 1:30 pm.  Everyone is welcome.

Ladies of the Lake

The Ladies of the Lake invite you to join us monthly at an area restaurant for breakfast or lunch. For info or to be placed on the notification list contact margcaf@gmail.com

Social Committee

The social committee plans the events on the calendar. They organize and co-ordinate all the details that make for a fun and seemingly effortless evening.  If you would like to help in making this happen, call Marie.


In order to be in compliance with state guidelines until LITC (both Monroe and Pike Counties) is in a green zone the Board of Directors decided at their May 8th meeting that:

Pavilion and clubhouse rentals are discontinued.

  • Clubhouse - If you belong to a group that needs a place to meet or plan to form a group, please call the office at 676-0900.

  • The Pavilion is available for parties. Call the office for details.

Adopt Your Road - LITC is usually very free from road trash, pristine even. But, occasionally there is a cup, a bottle, a paper of some sort along the road or in the grasses. When you're out for a walk, consider carrying a bag and gloves and picking up that trash. If we all do that, we will ensure that LITC remains one of the cleanest in the Poconos. Thanks for your help.

Reminder - Please clean up after your pet on roads and in community areas.


FALL/SPRING CULVERT CLEANOUT - All property owners are responsible for keeping drainage ditches and culverts on or bordering your property cleaned out and free of leaves and debris. When water cannot run freely it backs up and erodes our roads increasing our community maintenance costs. PLEASE! Once in the Fall after the leaves are down and once in the Spring before the heavy rains - take the time to clean out all your drainage areas.

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